Your logo is not the most important thing on your business card.

Business cards still matter. It is a tangible piece of you and/or your company.

A business card is a part of your larger marketing efforts. It should work with your letterhead and envelopes, brochures, etc. But it’s main function to let others know how to contact you. It’s a first impression, the start of a business relationship.

Avoid these pitfalls with your business cards:

  •  Small font size. Don’t make the reader get a magnifying glass to read the content of your card.
  •  High gloss on both sides of the card. Leave at least one side of your card uncoated or matte to be able to let others or yourself make a small note.
  •  Too light of font colors. Along with number one above, make sure your information has contrast and is easily readable.


  •  Branding. Your website, brochures and other marketing materials should have a similar look to your business card.
  •  Let people know how to find you. If you don’t have a website, use LinkedIn.
  •  The obvious: double check your phone number and email address is correct.
  •  Use the back of the card. While still leaving a smidgeon of room for a note, this is the place for additional contact information – facebook, twitter other social media that you frequently use.

If you would like a hand in designing your card or just a quote to print a file you already have, let me know